Volvo EX90

We know Volvo for the robust and reliable cars it has always produced. The Swedish-based manufacturer has been maintaining its safe automobile motto for many years. Entering the electric car industry today, Volvo introduced the EX90 model, which they describe as the safest cars ever.

Volvo EX90 is assertive with both its electric unit and safety features.
Aiming to electrify the entire model range by 2030, Volvo is taking an important step in this regard with the EX90. The electric SUV model, designed as a 3-seat row and 7-seater, will go on sale in 2023.

Home to an electric power unit that can produce 517 horsepower and 910 Nm of torque, the vehicle has a 111 kWh battery. The electric SUV model will be able to offer a range of 600 kilometers thanks to this battery. Increasing the battery from 10 percent to 80 percent takes 30 minutes with the fast charger.

It is possible to see the new face of Volvo in the model, which follows in the footsteps of the Concept Recharge model introduced by the brand last year. The EX90, which has lost its front grille specific to electric models, continues to host the headlights, which are described as Thor’s hammer.

At the rear, in addition to the C-shaped taillights, the vertically positioned LED lighting group in the rear column is quite remarkable. The electric model also reflects the brand’s new design approach in this section. On the other hand, despite its large dimensions, the 0.29 cd friction coefficient of the vehicle is another important detail.

Above all, Volvo describes the EX90 as the brand’s safest vehicle ever. Combining LiDAR, optical, ultrasonic and radar sensors, the EX90 offers its driver a 360-degree viewing angle against other vehicles and pedestrians.

The EX90’s LiDAR sensors are reportedly able to detect pedestrians up to 250 meters away. With this system, Volvo believes it can reduce all accidents by 9 percent, and accidents that result in serious injury or death by up to 20 percent.

Volvo EX90 stands out as the first car to use a LiDAR sensor in the interior. In this way, the automobile aims to prevent forgetting children in the car. According to the published reports, more than 900 children have died from these causes in the USA alone since 1998. The system, which is planned to prevent such situations, will prevent the doors from being locked when there are children or pets inside.

This system can also monitor the movements of the driver. In this way, it will be able to give a warning according to whether the driver is distracted or sleepless. If the increasing level of warnings is not answered, the vehicle will safely pull itself to the right and call for help.